21 January 2009

Bliss Balls

I made these today on the request of Alvaro. They are my new favorite for either a quick breakfast or morning tea snack. As well as being really yummy they contain sunflower and sesame seeds (protein) and oats which are meant to be some sort of wonder food, having properties which lower the cholesterol. They are also high in soluble fiber, protein and silicon and are also know aid in the digestive process.
If you can use un-hulled sesame paste (tahini), it's meant to be much better for you having all the properties of sesame seeds. In Melbourne it was common to find it in health food shops but here in Madrid I have only been able to find the hulled variety. Hulled it's not meant to be that great for you, but still tastes really good!

How to make them

2 tablespoons of Pumpkin seeds
2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds
4 dates
2 tablespoons of sultanas
1 tablespoon of sesame seeds
6-7 tablespoons of rolled oats
2 teaspoons of honey
4 tablespoons of tahini
1 tablespoon of milk

(these measurements are a rough guide. If you find they are too wet add more oats and if too dry more tahini.)

Mix together all the fruit and nuts. This is best done in a food processor but if you don't have one (like me) just chop everything chopable into small pieces and mix together.
Put into a bowl with all the other ingredients and mix well.
Mold into firm balls about the size of a plum and then put them in the fridge to set.

That's it!

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