14 February 2009

Red Sun Necklace

This is the first crochet piece which I've made using one of the 'muestras de crochet' as a pattern. I've also started to coat the final crocheted piece to make it hard, which makes it much more usable for jewelry.
Madrid's been really grey over the last week or so but now the sun's back and I've been able to get some photos, finally! Alvaro took these for me over the weekend.


  1. You look very nice with your beautiful necklace!

    Good Morning Livi! I’m Cova
    How are you????

    I expect that Álvaro had prepared for you the croissants with butter and marmalade this morning… ;-)

    Thanks very much for what you did yesterday. You helped us a lot.
    If Manu gets a job, the half of his salary will be for you!!!!

    I hope see you soon!



  2. Thanks Cova,
    It was really lovely to see you both last night. I hope Manu went well today!
    Thanks for the croissants, I had one for breakfast and it was really yummy!

  3. How did you coat it? Which materials did you use to coat?
    And is this flower have a drawed pattern?


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