11 March 2009

Spring in Madrid

It's been so beautiful this week in Madrid, hopefully Spring is here to stay!

The second crop of Rocket I planted in our tiny balcony garden at the end of last Summer (too late to ever grow more than a few centimeters) has sprouted up and flowered. Our mint is really green (ready for mint tea) and even the oregano and parsley have revived. I'm quite amazed, as last summer they didn't do very well. It was so hot and then in the winter they got snowed on, but there back! I think it must be almost time to start planting again.

The first thing I'm going to do is plant some seeds from the pack of 'Australian Flora Seeds', which mum sent me over for Christmas (Spanish customs obviously aren't that strict). I've got a whole lot of all old egg cartons ready and waiting.

I'll wait one more week to make sure this is really spring...

1 comment:

  1. hi liv
    yay for spring, i hope your cute little garden grows well this year.
    it's great checking out what you are up to.
    i check every few days to see if you've made something new.
    my blog is woefully neglected.
    and i still haven't started making my own bread!


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