02 September 2009

New House

We've just moved to a house in a more peaceful neighbourhood on the other side of the river in Madrid. The last week has been a bit horrible, moving, making a new bed & sofa (from Pallets), shopping in Ikea : ( , cleaning etc all in 40 deg heat (yuck!). Now we´re starting to enjoy.
Yesterday Alvaro put together his new lamp (above) made from an old olive oil bottle and it gives off the most beautiful light!
Today I´m meant to be sewing the covers for the sofa but I'm a bit stuck with the sewing machine. I borrowed it from Mari Carmen and this morning I worked out how to thread it and sew backwards very nicely. With the help of my dictionary I've translated the what´s what in the manual but still can´t find the forward button. I think I need some help.

1 comment:

  1. Preciosa vuestra casa!
    Habrá que verla al natural!


    Besitos varios!


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