07 October 2009

Crochet Motif

Today I crocheted this motif using one of the muestras de crochet as a guide. I'm going to use it as part of a silver necklace design.
If you'd like to make one I have written (and drawn) the pattern below.
I use DMC cotton thread, I'm not sure what thickness? like these.
1mm hook.

Center square
ch 16.
Row 1: ch 3 (first dc). ch 2. dc in 9th ch from hook. {ch2. skip 2 chains & dc in 3rd ch} repeat 3 more times. turn
Row 2: ch 3 (first dc). {ch 2. dc in next dc} repeat 4 more times. turn
Row 3, 4 & 5: repeat row 2.
Join, cut and sew in thread

Middle Layer
Join thread to middle of second ch2 from the corner of the center square (refer to drawing).
Row 1: ch 6. join to forth ch2 from the same corner. turn
Row 2: 3hsc then {ch3,3hsc} repeat 2 more times (in ch6).
Join, cut and sew in thread.

Repeat this on the other three sides of the square.

Outer Layer
Join thread to corner of Center Square (refer to Drawing).
Row 1: {ch 7. Join to first ch3 of Middle Layer. Ch 7. Join to second ch3 of Middle Layer. ch 7. Join to next corner of Center Square} repeat 3 more times. Join
Row 2: {(3hsc, ch3, 3hsc, ch3, 3hsc) in chain 7. (5hsc, ch 3, 5 hsc) in second ch7. (3hsc, ch3, 3hsc, ch3, 3hsc) in third chain 7} repeat 3 more times.
Join, cut and sew in thread.

I hope this makes sense : )

This Pattern was amended 27 November 2009. See Here


  1. Wow, the samples are wonderful!. It's so generous of you to pass on the motifs. I will definitely try some of them, when I have two minutes to spare. Best wishes, Elin

  2. looks familiar... pretty though!

  3. bonjour magnifique cette broche de toute beauté je vais la faire merci Pour certains ce partage j'adore

  4. Precioso. Estoy empezando a hacer ganchillo y me encanta tu blog. Voy a ponerme esta noche a hacer este broche tan fino. Gracias por tu generosidad. Can we send you pictures? Best, Clem

    1. Me alegro mucho Clem :)
      Si, por favor mandame fotos! Los pondría en la pagina de 'Un Jardín de Hilo' en Facebook.


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