03 November 2009


I've been working on this brooch for the last week or so and this morning I finally finished it and sewed on the clasp.
It has a grey crocheted front and golden back and is spotted with small dark beads and three amber discs. There is the large central disc and two other small ones through which you can see the golden thread magnified behind.
I've had the amber for a while now and haven't been quite sure what to do with it. It was given to me by a lovely friend who brought it back from Mexico (Thanks Manolo!). I have quite a few pieces mostly in the form of small discs with a channel carved out around the edge, I guess for wrapping wire but also perfect for thread. I also have some beads two of which I used in the caramel Flower Earrings.

I have named it the Hypatia brooch (well, Alvaro named it) as it looks like a tiny galaxy.

You can see more pictures in my etsy shop .

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