17 November 2009

Morning tea

Carrot cake is one of my favorite cakes and last night I made one using a recipe I hadn't used before out of The Cooks Companion by Stephanie Alexander.
This morning I tried a piece for morning tea.

It was very yummy (like all her recipes) and I like it because it uses Olive instead of Vegetable oil, but I have another recipe, my "old trusty" that I think I still like better.
I can't remember where it comes from, maybe the woman's weekly?

Here is the recipe (I've substituted Olive for Veg oil):


2 Cups of sugar (I use brown sugar)
1 1/2 cups of Olive Oil
4 eggs
2 cups of flour
1 1/2 teaspoons of baking soda
3 teaspoons of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of salt
3 cups of grated carrot
1 1/2 cup of walnuts (chopped) Also sun flower seeds are yummy too.
1 teaspoon of vanilla (I never have vanilla!)

3/4 cup of cream cheese
2 table spoons of butter
1 1/2 cups of sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla

Pre heat oven to 180°C (350°F).
Mix together oil and sugar. Add eggs to mix one at a time and cream well after each. Add vanilla.
Combine all dry ingredients and add to creamed mixture. Fold in the carrots and nuts.
Put mixture into an oiled cake tin ( I use a 25cm round cake tin with a whole in the middle - like a donut) and bake for approximately 1 hour.

For Icing
Cream all ingredients in a food processor (or by hand) and spread over cake when cool.

Note: It is also good without the icing, just sprinkled with icing sugar : )

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