20 January 2010

Crochet Ball

Above is a diagram showing the pattern to crochet over a 13mm ball ...
but for this design I think that it's easier to follow the written instructions rather than the diagram, as you could go insane trying to keep count of all those single crochets!

For me crocheting over a bead is quite an organic process. Basically I do the same thing every time no matter on the size of the bead, just adding single crochets here and there as needed.

The Pattern

You will need
Crochet hook (I use a 1mm)
Thread (I have used Anchor Pearl 12#)
Bead (in this case it has a diameter of 13mm more or less)
sewing needle to sew in ends

To Make
Ch 6, join. (when the chain is joined you want the circle to be just big enough so it's comfortable to work in no more).
Row 1. ch 1. 8sc around in a circle. join to first sc.
Row 2.Ch1. {2sc in next sc} repeat 7 more times. Join to first sc.
Row 3. Sc in each sc around the circle.
Row 4. {2sc in the next sc. sc in both next sc} repeat 4 more times. 2 sc in next sc.
Row 5. sc in each sc around the circle.
Row 6. Repeat row 5.
Row 7. Repeat row 5.
Row 8. Repeat row 5.
Row 9. Repeat row 5.
Row 10. Repeat row 5.
Row 11. Repeat row 5.
Row 12. Repeat row 5.
Row 13. Repeat row 5.
Row 14. Repeat row 5.
(as you go fit the bead into the little basket which is forming checking its size. When it looks more or less like in the image below, thread the beginning thread through the hole in the centre of the bead)

Row 15. (with the bead inside) Sc in first sc. {skip one sc. sc in next two sc}. repeat this around the circle.
Row 16. SC in first sc. {Skip sc. Sc in next sc}. Repeat around circle until the hole in the top is quite small (see below).

Lastly sew in ends, further closing the hole at the top.

Note: Use this as a basic pattern to start with and then when your comfortable with it just add or subtract single crochets where necessary.

After the first one it's very simple.
Align Center
enjoy : )


    Al final tendré que hacerme agujeros...


  2. VF no sabia que no tienes agujeros! Podemos poner 'clips' en algunos para ti ; )

    Your welcome Crystal.
    I'm making so many in all different sizes at the moment, I think they look great! I hope the pattern is easy to follow. Let me know how you go : )

  3. What do you mean when you say "thread the beginning thread through the hole in the centre of the bead"? Can you please clarify? Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!


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