25 February 2010

My Creative Space ...

Everything on my desk is very orange at the moment.

I finally bought the gorgeous Buccaneer Booties pattern from Mamachee and have crocheted two pairs so far.
The first pair was a trial run in purple and green wool and the second (above) I made using cotton in anticipation of summer.
It's so relaxing to sit back and follow a well written crochet pattern.
I'm enjoying making them so much that today I'm going to go into Plaza Major and buy some more colours ... they're so cute!

I'm still very much into making beads to crochet around using cold porcelain.
So far they're just droplets of different sizes but recently I was introduced by Anna to the inspiring work of Louise Weaver and now I'm dreaming of what else I could do ...

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  1. Oh my, after seeing Louise Weavers work, I think you have huge plans for crocheting ;-)

  2. Those booties are just gorgeous.

  3. your crochet is beautiful - the orange is really lovely!

  4. Love the booties - I recently made some too and really enjoyed it!

  5. The booties are so lovely. Such gorgeous cosy warm colours and beautiful crochet.

  6. lovely pattern for booties, if that really well written I will have to try, I get so many requests from friends for a booties like that...

    and your jewelry - so gorgeous like always, you always inspire me


  7. I love everything you do.
    The booties are lovely! :)
    I can tell that you are picking something from the spanish culture. I can see it in your new colours. Believe me...I know that country.
    Keep inspiring all of us with your georgeus taste and creations.
    I´m so happy of having found you.



  8. Wow, what an adorable blog! I love all the bright colors of your crochet jewelry :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment about my work--I appreciate it :)

  9. Such beautiful work. Vibrant colours. Fantastic photos!


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