20 April 2010

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1.02/21/2008 07:55am by Gatito Azul
2. Rocket Flowers by Kate's Photo Diary
3.Oregano Flowers by dagoose1
4. Plants by cacahuete sr

Even though the weather has been horrible and the Spring very slow in coming there are now green shoots everywhere!
I think it's now safe for me to get out the seeds from last summers flowers and plant them in our tiny window ledge garden.
Tomorrow will be one week until the full moon, which makes it perfect timing.

It's mainly going to be basil and rocket (my favorites!) and hopefully I'll be able to find a corner to squeeze in some oregano, coriander, parsley and dill.

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  1. I'm thinking about herbs too nowadays! I love cooking with fresh herbs! That last picture is simply fab!

  2. Window ledge gardens are the best. I hope your seeds grow well for you.
    Lovely spring mosaic.


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