10 June 2010


I've been really enjoying the rainy days this week.
They remind me of those wet humid summer days at home that come along now and give a break from the heat.
I'm glad they exist in Madrid as well.

Below are some photos of my new red chunky necklace.
I'm very happy with how it turned out, so I think there will be some more to come.
I'm adding to my etsy shop today.


  1. hi liv, i really love this necklace. it is perfect!
    i keep meaning to email with news and things, but with limited access to internet i don't find the time.
    it would be easier to just have a coffee together. the tyranny of distance!

    miss you lots xx gil

  2. Gil coffee date in December?
    It seems a long way away but time is already flying this year, so I'm sure it will come around sooner than we think :)
    miss you too xxx


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