03 September 2010

New Leaf Skeleton Earrings

These are some new earrings I've been working on.
What do you think of them?
I've had them sitting on my desk for quite a while waiting for the arrival of some new earring wires (with a ball on the end).
My collection is slowly growing for the 1st of October!
Next I have to start making the display.


  1. I think that they are beautiful!!, and I want them!.

  2. Son preciosos¡¡¡
    Desde que encontré tu blog, me he picado con los diseños de joyas a ganchillo y ahora estoy pensando en hacer algunas cosillas.
    Hasta pronto¡¡

  3. Really it is great site which offer earrings products. I had searching this type of fashion earrings for me. Thanks for informing.

  4. Hola....qué bonito tu blog!!..... te felicito, yo también estoy incursionando en la bisutería que me tiene realmente enganchada y es para mí, una terapia...saludos y realmente me encantó lo que tu realizas...Congratulations for you.... Where do you live? I didn t know if to write in spanish o english, well you will say....

  5. wow. I loved them all. pretty nice combinations.


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