07 October 2010

New Wool & blanket plans

Inspired by the wonderful blog Attic24, this morning I´ve been wool shopping.
I´m giving my eyes and fingers a little break from making jewelry after the Nomada Market last weekend (photos and post coming soon) and instead planning a new crochet blanket.
I´m still not sure what form it will take? maybe something like in Image 1 below from Attic24, a mixture of little and big crochet squares (without the little flowers). Or something like in image 2 from The Light Garden, a little blanket made from four large squares ...

Image source:
1. Attic24
2. The Light Garden


  1. Olá amiga, passei adorei os seus lindos trabalhos, amei conhecer seu cantinho amava o seguir, caso que queira é só dizer cá estarei de volta, com muito carinho. BJS Rosa

  2. you've got the grannysquares virus toooo !

  3. Yes completely! Making a granny square is so relaxing compared with the tiny crochet of making jewelry :)

  4. Have you thought about a Babette blanket: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/babette-blanket

  5. Thanks for the link BunnyKnut. Such a beautiful blanket! I've added to my favorites for next time :)


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