13 November 2010

A new little blanket

This is a new little blanket I've been working on over the last few weeks.
The overall design is based on Attic24's very Sweet Flower Granny and for the squares I used the Summer Garden Granny Square
I had the same problem with these squares as with my last Granny Blanket, which is that they curled in the corners ... I'm not sure why I always seem to have this problem? Maybe I crochet too tightly?
Anyway I ended up adding an extra chain to all the corners and that seemed to sort things out.
Now all I have left to do is the edging.
I've been fairly absent from my blog over the last few months.
At first due to morning sickness :) which thankfully disappeared a few weeks ago.
Secondly due to a Masters in the design and development of web pages, which I started last week. It's like learning a completely new language, which is taught in a relatively new language (Spanish) ... so I think it's going to demand a fair amount of my time over the next 5 months.
I'll still be popping in here now and again to show you what I'm working on (I've already started on my next blanket ) and to post any good crochet patterns I come across.

I've been a little more active on my Facebook page ... posting patterns etc so make sure you keep in touch over there as well.


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