13 November 2009

red & gold flower ring

I've never made a crochet ring before, so this is my first and I really enjoyed making it so I think there's going to be more.

At its centre is an oval of amber like the Hypatia brooch and in the same way, through it you can see golden/caramel thread magnified behind. It is surrounded with brass beads and a brass flower, which I've been dying to use for a while now!

As it's my first try of making a ring I used an adjustable ring band, but I think next time I will crochet the band as well.


  1. O I like the adjustable band (I think it gives it more stability).

    This is just a gorgeous piece and I think you SHOULD definitely make more of them. I have not commented much on your blog but I really think you have a wonderful gift for crochet and I just love visiting here. Thank you for sharing all of this with us.

  2. G'day Olivia
    This is beautiful... what a delight... someone will get great pleasure from wearing this beauty... love the idea of the amber magnifing your stitches... OOroo... B

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments : )


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