04 December 2009

on a t'shirt

This is the final print on one of Alvaro's old t'shirts.

I've been a bit unsure about using paper stencils for screen printing as you obviously can't get the same detail as with photo emulsion.
One day I'd love to start doing photo emulsion again! I've seen some blogs describing how to set it up in your home studio (like this one), but you still have to buy all the bits and pieces.
I'm still too crazy about crochet to commit to something new : ) also I'm really happy with the end result of the paper stencil!

The blue dye turned out uneven ... like water.


  1. It is very cool looking. Are you going to sell them?

  2. G'Mornin'
    I think this has come up an absolute treat especially with a paper stencil... I also love the dabble of the blue... great job... OOroo... B

  3. Thank you : )
    This year I seem to have run out of time, but I plan is to work more with stencils next year and to start selling t'shirts as well as jewelry.


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