11 December 2009

Brooches from a Japanese Craft Book

I've neglected my blog completely this week.
After the long weekend (last weekend) the week has flown by and now I can't believe it's friday again!

This morning I finished these two crochet brooches.
The patterns are from my new crochet book called Marche Special Crochet Goods (from here) and like all of the Japanese Craft Books it's full of great ideas and gorgeous photos!

The text is of course in Japanese, which I can't read : ( , but the patterns and stitches are described very clearly through diagrams and photos.


  1. G'day
    These look very nice... I particularly like the apricot & cream one... Japanese crochet books are great... shows crochet is understood worldwide, I think... OOroo... B

  2. Such yum images Olivia!! Your apricot and cream brooch is absolutely gorgeous!


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