15 December 2009


A new brooch ready to be beaded with small brass beads.

T'shirts in the pot being dyed yellow for more Logger head turtle prints.

The yellow centre of my first crochet rug .... I'm still working through the blue.


  1. Great work Livi! The design of everything (the blog as well) and the pics are amazing.

  2. Oh my! You do such incredibly elegant crochet! Your pictures are always an inspiration. That rug is gorgeous!

  3. G'day Olivia
    Love the new photo/header on your blog... that intrigate work on the buildings & in tiles that they have must be added inspiration for you...
    As always your crochet & photos greatly inspire me... thank you... You home for Chrissie?... OOroo... B

  4. Thank you : )

    No I'm not going to make it home for Christmas this year ... it's looking like (maybe, fingers crossed) a white Christmas in Madrid.


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