28 January 2010

My Creative Space

This morning I came across Kootoyoo and her collection of creative spaces.
So I've spent all my procrastination time this morning checking out all the links.
It's such a lovely idea!

My week has been a mix of projects.
The other day I bought some new thread and so I've been busy crocheting Syrian Loops in old and new colours. This afternoon I'm going to try and bead them all ... but maybe I'm being a little over ambitious!?
I've also been working on a lighting plan and paint colours for a beautiful beach house I'm lucky enough to be designing in Australia.


  1. Lots to look at in the photo of your creative space! Designing a beach house sounds fantastic!

  2. Those Syrian hoops look wonderful - such a lovely style with such vibrant colours - delicious.

  3. Very pretty. Your space has lovely things in it!

  4. Just beautiful! Those colours are gorgeous.

  5. These are just lovely. I can't wait to see them finished. I love the colours you've selected.

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