12 February 2010

Green Crochet Drops

Last weekend I was introduced to a new craft called Cold Porcelain.
It's a technique that uses a white modeling dough to (typically) make very realistic porcelain flower arrangements.
So last Sunday I spent the afternoon trying to model some ... without success.
The dough in the image above was made for me so I'm not exactly sure how to make it ... next lesson. I do know it can be made in a variety of ways and the one above consists of white bread (without crusts) and two other ingredients equally as bad for you (glycerin and ?).
This week I found out it's also very good for making shapes to crochet around.
These green crochet drops are my first attempt.


  1. Woow this is a clever idea... it must be light when dry... sounds all very intriguing... waiting with anticipation for your next post... ha ha


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