11 February 2010

My Creative Space ...

This week I've been working on some new bird pendants.
I haven't been able to finish them all as I've run out of chain and settings, but this is them so far.
I have some liquid resin hopefully in the mail on its way to me, which I bought with a new crochet project in mind.
I would also like to make my own illustrated pendents with it (like the ones above).
I'll keep you posted.

You can see more creative spaces at kootoyoo


  1. That variegated thread works really well on beads!

  2. These are so beautiful I'm a big fan of birds and trees, I just love your crochet jewlery! Can I ask how you stiffen them?

  3. Thanks!

    The secret to stiffening is to use a tiny hook and crochet very tightly. But depending on the design sometimes I also weave threads through the back of the design pulling them very tight as reinforcing. If it still needs more then you can paint on a bit of clear nail polish (on the back side).


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