04 February 2010

My Creative Space ...

Included in my Christmas parcel from mum and dad was an embroidered hair tie.
I love it so much and I wear it every day!
It's such a great concept that this week I made my own crochet versions.
To start with I made the same sort of thing but as a brooch and when I track down some good quality hair elastics I'll make some ties as well.
I am also working on some small crochet flower hair pins.

Still on my desk is this crochet ball necklace, which I've been plodding through for the last week or so. I started with so much enthusiasm but lost it quite quickly, as it's really slow and tedious work.
I'm trying to complete two balls a day so I make it to the end.

Over my morning cup of tea today I visited a whole lot of beautiful & interesting Creative Spaces.
You can visit them too via Kootoyoo.


  1. I am hyperventilating. It's pretty hot in my neck of the woods, but seriously, I have been visiting your lovely place while holding my breath. Beautiful, beautiful work and yet more evidence of how delicious tricky-on-the-eyeballs Perle 8 crochet is!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. There's some serious drooling going on here at the moment. It goes without saying that the necklace is lovely, but the broaches? And the Hairpins? So delicate and intense! Sigh.

  3. Beautiful work -- I love it all! I tried to do some thread crochet today, but had to give up -- I just can't handle the tiny hooks! I really love your banner, too.

  4. Absolutely breathtaking. I LOVE these pieces.

  5. Very happy to find someone whom is very good with a crochet needle ! Check my blog !

  6. Liv, I can't believe this. It is all so beautiful.
    You are amazing. I miss you. Sarxx


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