09 February 2010


Over the weekend I found and started a new colour on my crochet blanket.
There weren't really many colours to choose from (I think I've almost used their whole range) and in the end a darker blue wasn't an option.
So the plan is one more round of light and dark green hexagons and then to finish off with plain light green (olive).

To start with I wanted the light olive as the outer colour but after a trial I decided that it was a bit weak, so I have gone the other way.
Also in olive is this new tree pendent necklace with small crochet balls.


  1. It's so nice, I love new colour!!!, I like the necklace so much

  2. I love the necklace! The tree pendant is just lovely, and the olive really works. I really like the new blanket colour, too.

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting on my blog! I love everything you make, it is all so pretty.


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