10 March 2010

Wild Orange

I think this is my favorite necklace out of the wild bird collection with the brown chested sparrow a close second.

I'm feeling a bit frustrated today as I'm having trouble focusing on any one thing.
My head is in a few places ... working on my catalogue so it's in both English & Spanish, trying to get my etsy shop going, wanting to be a more active blogger, making in all my spare moments and doing bits and pieces of architecture work.
All of this is lots of fun but sometimes I just wish there were more hours in the day.


  1. What a fabulous piece, love that crest!
    I so know what you mean about having a battle focusing. I feel like I'm part of a constant juggling act, myself. I'd love to be a more active blogger ... but hey, it's early in the year, there's still time! : )

  2. Thanks Alisa,
    As part of my none focusing I just got lost in your blog ... beautiful!


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