28 May 2010

New to my etsy shop ...

These earrings are new to my etsy shop today.
I've changed the hook of the Green Drop Earrings, it used to be a much longer one (click here to have a look) but I think it works much better like this.
The Ruby Red Drop Earrings are going to be a one off as I don't think I can get any more red glass jewels like this. They are currently for sale but maybe (if I don't get time to make a the necklace I have in mind) I'll be pinching these for my self to wear with my new red dress ;)


  1. You can wear the red ones with your beautiful
    dress !

  2. i really like it....so make a giveaway....i may win :) big smile...

    you are creative

  3. The red earrings would defiantly go well with the red dress and if I don't finish the necklace I planned I'll be wearing them :)

    Um I think your right it must be almost time for a give away :)


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