26 May 2010

At the sewing machine ...

This week I started sewing my new red dress.
I think cutting out has been the biggest challenge so far, the sewing part has been fairly straight forward other than sewing the bias binding around the neck. I spent a fidly hour or so trying to interprete vague instructions ... they need to add some more detailed diagrams for this part!
Last Sunday I went to El Rastro (Madrid's big once a week street market) and bought a crochet looking scarf to go around the waist (I'm going to adapt the pattern slightly here).
Thanks to a trip to Camper with Mum (thanks Mum!) I have some lovely new sandals to wear with it, the idea being that they tie in with the scarf.

If you'd like to see what pattern I'm using for the dress click here to follow the link to Vogue.


  1. Te lo quiero ver puesto!

  2. Looks great ! You'll be the 'lady in red' ;-)

  3. Muy lindo tu vestido. Ni hablar de la chalina al crochet, es divinaaa! Saludos, Rosana

  4. Wow! This red dress is simply gorgeous! And what a stunning outfit whith the camper sandals and the scarf! I love the camper shoes, I'm green with envy ;D


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