25 May 2010

Summer Breakfast

I toasted some muesli this morning for the first time this summer.
Toasted muesli with yogurt is so yummy but I hate to buy it from the supermarket as you never know the quality of the ingredients or how much oil they've used etc.
When I first started to make it I would buy all the individual ingredients (oats, dried fruit, nuts etc) and make it from scratch. Now I buy it from our local health food shop pre-mixed, because for some reason it's cheaper that way?? ... at least in Madrid anyway.
I then put it in a big pan with some olive oil (or better, Pumpkin seed oil!) and stir it over heat for about 15mins.
The only thing that can go wrong is burning it, which can happen very quickly. I did this a little bit this morning when I got distracted waiting for the etsy treasury's to come up ...

Below are some hair ties I'm going to add to my etsy shop this week.
Some are made using buttons covered with crochet (like the crochet brooches) the others with liberty print fabric.

1 comment:

  1. Yum! I LOVE making my own muesli, nicely toasted too! And I LOVE the beautiful crochet jewellery on your blog!


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