24 May 2010

a window sill garden

This mint is growing in small pots on our bedroom window sill and this morning the room was filled with the sweet scent of mint ... I think because it was so hot!
It reminded of me of Morocco, in particular Chefchaouen and the little cafe terrace that looks over the river, where you can get sugary mint tea that you share with bees that try and crawl inside the glass.
Behind it you can see the fig tree which is now thick with leaves and green figs.

On the other side of the house we have our little window sill herb garden.
In April I planted rocket and basil seeds which are now very healthy little plants.
I was a bit worried that when we were in Italy they would die but they made it through! I left them inside with water in the tray and they lasted the week and a half, just growing a little bit slower than normal because of the lack of sun.

The plan is that this year we will be able to have fresh rocket in our salads and be able to make a few batches of pesto :)

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