16 June 2010

A bad photo day

This is a necklace I finished yesterday inspired by the work of Ayala Bar.
It is made of a cluster of Liberty Print fabric buttons in brass settings with tiny charms and coloured beads that dangling down.
It is designed to sit closely around the base of the neck.
Hopefully tomorrow there will be a little bit of sun shine so I can take some photos, as today it was so grey that it was impossible to capture any light.
Below you can see my very professional ironing board photo studio by the window ;)


  1. Well I love your photography studio! and that cute little owl in the necklace. Wonderful wearable artwork.

  2. I love your photos and even these ones! Especially your studio!

  3. Here in the north it's been raining over the week, impossible to take a good photo! I hope the sun comes back soon...
    I love your photography studio! :D

  4. Dear,

    I like your necklace!!
    Do you know where I can find the little cage (I do not know what it's called) which anchor your decorative botton.
    Thank you for you answer



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