17 June 2010

Colour Combinations

Here are a few colour ideas for a new necklace design I'm working on.
It will be made with one Liberty Print button surrounded with crochet balls of different sizes/ colours and a cute brass bird pendant.
I've started first with the navy and pink collection ... I'll show your very soon.

... and below are images of my two latest necklaces (the sun came out today!)
I will be listing them in my etsy shop very soon.


  1. These are beautiful mixes ! Can't wait to see what you are going to produce ! Love the necklace with the red/orange pendant !

  2. Wow, Olivia! You have been producing gasp-worthily great work of late. Not even the heat of the summer can stop your nimble fingers! Hugs to you and that lovely Kaz.


  3. Beautiful combinations! I see you're a fellow Liberty lover.
    I just recently found your site and I'm working on your necklace tutorial. I'm new to crochet and your blog is very inspiring.
    I'm saving my pennies and hope to visit your Etsy shop soon too.


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