10 July 2010

Higos, Brevas y el Verano

I never knew before living in Spain that there were two types of figs, black figs (brevas) and green figs (higos).
I was told that the difference is that the black figs are from the first yield (in July) and the green ones are from the second (in August).
But this July we've been eating very delicious green figs from the tree outside our kitchen window, so I´m a little bit confused about the brevas/higos thing?
They have to be from different trees don´t they?
In any case I´m very happy that there´ll be a second round ripening when we get back from our Summer holiday :)

This Monday we're squashing bikes, tents, bags etc etc into the car and heading to the south of Portugal for a bit of an adventure.
I've just check to weather and in Sagres right now it's a lovely 24°C compared to 34°C in Madrid. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will stay that way for the week as I'm not really made for Iberian dry heat!

See you in two weeks :)


  1. i find, a fig sliced lengthwise is so pretty. and the other way too, naturally... and yummy!!! :)

  2. Love figs and didn't know this ! Thx for sharing ! Have a very very very nice holiday and come back with a lot of inspiration.

  3. Nunca he sabido bien la diferencia entre higos y brevas :P, pero qué fantástico recogerlos de vuestro árbol!
    Tienes unas creaciones preciosas, disfrutad en Sagres,



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