26 July 2010

Summer Holidays ...

For me the summer holidays will always symbolize the beginning of the new year.
It works so perfectly to have a long summer relaxing, mind clearing break and then return to start a fresh, new ideas, new plans, new years resolutions ... etc.

I've been trying to get my head around all those new plans and revolutions that have sprung to mind so enthusiastically over the break and it's been spinning and I've been feeling a little overwhelmed
... so in the end today has been more about grocery shopping (on bike) and washing.

I didn't pull the camera out too often over the two weeks and now I wish I'd taken shots of the very cool tiled facades/balconies and gorgeous chimney/roof details of some of the houses, the details which makes the architecture feel so different to Spain
... regardless here are a few photos from our trip.

It's been so perfect with cooler weather in Portugal, perfect for ridding and sleeping in tents.
Beautiful Atlantic beaches with waves :)

Only one flat tire ...
with a very picturesque repair job.

Chiringuitos on the beach ... lots of vegi patches :)

and then to Spain where the Mediterranean was at its best.
Crystal clear, flat and the perfect temperature to be able to stay in the water all day.

You would think I would be bored of photographing this plant (I don't even know what it's called?) but it's my favorite. It looks like it should be growing under the sea rather than in the desert.

You can find more images here :)


  1. Lovely pics from a lovely holiday !

  2. Hola Jardinera!!!
    I already know the name of this plant!!!
    It´s called Pita although the scientific name is Algave Americana.
    It´s seems to be that this word in greek means marvellous.
    Beautiful pictures!!!

  3. I think these plants are agaves. They also grow in the south of France, where I live.
    Your pictures are very beautiful !
    Arthémisia, from Toulon in France.


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