18 May 2010

Crochet Blanket Progression

I started making this baby rug (for my etsy shop) a while ago, but have since pulled it apart and started again with a new colour arrangement.
I've had quite a lot of crochet time over the last few weeks. I now have 12 squares for this baby blanket and have almost finished the olive green of my other rug ... hopefully I'll finish the round soon so I can show you :)

Below is my current Etsy Treasury which you can see here for the next two days.
I found many of the items using the new etsy tool "suggested Shops".

1. Little Birdie Tunic by Sweet Little Birdie
2. White dress with black applique-Swan by Zoe Chen
3. Small Fabric Bird by Abigail Brown
4. Bridesmaids Necklaces by lulubug jewelry
5. Spring Chicken Bowel by Prince Design UK
6. Colorful Birds in Tree Print by smiles and squiggles
7. Where are you going little bird ... by Penelope and Pip
8. Retro Abstract Tree Painting by Sascalia
9. 100 Large Origami Paper Cranes by Made By Jo
10. Gothenburg Robin Black Birdy Every Day Purse by ikabags
11. Origional Abstract Female Figurative Painting by linda monfort
12. Blue Sky Owl Earrings by Un Jardin De Hilo

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